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How To Choose The Best Color For Your Product Design

When choosing the right color for your product, packaging, or advertisement design, it’s important to ask yourself “what does my customer want?” By understanding these common color-emotion connections, you can communicate the benefits of your product more clearly – and quickly.

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clear craze blog post

That Time Visonic Dome Joined The Clear Craze

The ‘Clear Craze’ is a perfect example of designers using product color to communicate benefits to buyers. But when the ‘Clear Craze’ started to spread, the results were mixed. Let’s look at three different uses of transparency in product design to see what went right – and wrong – and why.

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visonic dome battery

Top 3 Reasons Why Visonic Dome Is NOT Battery-Powered

Batteries don’t hold their charge forever. The massive amount of energy needed for ultrasonic cleaning wears them out quickly. And when the safety and comfort of your contact lenses is on the line, you can’t risk drawing less power than you need.

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“Form Follows Function” – Design Mantra of the Modernist.

“Form Follows Function” is a favorite phrase of modern architects and designers. It began as a guiding principle of Chicago architects creating a new kind of skyline dominated by tall buildings. Since then, it has inspired designers of all fields to prioritze the way their creation is used over how it looks.

In this post, we explore the history and true meaning of this concise, yet oft misunderstood, design axiom.

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