Visonic Dome Reviews From Around The Web – Update #018

visonic dome blog review
Even decades after the last Visonic Dome left the factory, they still pop up for sale on eBay now and again. And that means that there are a bunch of reviews by real people getting real results for us to read.

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Massive List of Visonic Dome Reviews

Unsure if Visonic Dome is right for you? Maybe a few real-life Visonic Dome reviews can help you decide.

One of the cool things about the Visonic Dome is its long history. After almost 15 years of helping contact lens wearers around the world, there’s a bunch of user reviews online. And since Visonic Dome is going to be a near-exact recreation of my dad’s original design, these reviews should hold true for the new device, too.

Expert opinions

First up is an article from Primary Care Optometry News, all the way back in the year 2000.

Here, eye doctors from across the country looked at several new contact lens cleaners and rated their effectiveness.

The 1990s and 2000s were an exciting time in eye care because soft contact lenses were becoming more affordable. That led to lots of new advances in how to care for them.

These compact systems rely on either ultrasonic or subsonic waves to clean protein build-up, oils, pollen and dust from lenses, eliminating the need for rubbing the lens between the thumb and forefinger. In addition to the ease of cleaning these systems provide, another benefit is the reduced risk of tearing a soft contact lens, which may occur with digital cleaning.

Primary Care Optometry News, Sept 2000

At the time, my dad was selling his design with the trade name “LenSoClean.” It’s the same design that we’re recreating today on Kickstarter. Visonic Dome is the name he originally used at the product debut in 1989.

Two systems use ultrasonic cleaning: LenSoClean (Alpha Vista, Novato, Calif.) and Lens Comfort (Lens Comfort, Elizabeth, N.J.). When ultrasonic waves of a sufficiently high frequency and power pass through the liquid, cavitation occurs. Cavitation is the rapid formation, expansion and collapse of microscopic bubbles within the liquid. Dirt and residue then fall away from the lens. This process removes oils, dirt and the deeply bound protein that can be a significant problem for heavy protein depositors.

Primary Care Optometry News, Sept 2000

There are also direct reviews from the optometrists:

“Ultrasound is a tried and true method of cleansing […] It’s very simple, and it’s effective against most kinds of dirt and residue on the lens.”

Dr Barry Farkas, OD

“Protein deposits can create a variety of problems. Even though many hands-free system patients use lenses that are disposed of more frequently, I would still like the lenses to be as clean as possible between the time they start wearing them and when they dispose of them. Hands-free systems definitely add something to our armamentarium of cleaning regimens.”

Dr John L. Schachet, OD

Look at my man Dr John L just dropping a word like armamentarium into casual conversation. Respect.

“Hands-free systems are compact and also clean really well […] All the features are automatic, so you don’t have to worry about switching the unit on and off. I have tried it on many patients, and the majority of them can feel an improvement over cleaning their lenses digitally.”

Dr Kai W. Wai, OD

It’s cool to read a contemporary look at what experts thought about my father’s design when it was still in stores.

You can read the whole article yourself by clicking here.

Visonic Dome reviews from eBay

visonic dome reviews from eBay
11 mostly positive Visonic Dome reviews on eBay

Even decades after the last Visonic Dome (LenSoClean) left the factory, they still pop up for sale on eBay now and again.

And that means that there are a bunch of reviews by real people getting real results for us to read.

Take a look:

Works great
Gets my contact lenses much cleaner than cleaning by hand. Feels like a fresh pair in every morning. Unit is very compact and well constructed. Comes with an EU plug, so I needed a UK adapter.

@dream_visionary on eBay, 2018

The power adapters seem to be a recurring problem for eBay buyers.

I love the fact that my lenses are really clean thank you for advertising a wonderful product,😃👀

@magicall1doll-2 on eBay, 2017

It works gread [sic]
The lens cleaner works great it works just like they said and my contact lens have never been cleaner.

@don1951248 on eBay, 2017

Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner
works great to clean hard contact lens

@man3chu on eBay, 2017

It’s true! Visonic Dome works for all contact lens types.

Only on eBay!
This is a great product that is no longer in production. The company is no longer in business. It works great & saves you a lot of money. If your lenses are bothering you, run them thru this device & they’ll feel great.
I highly recommend this item

@johnnykool48 on eBay, 2018

And pretty soon it’ll be somewhere other than eBay! For the first and last time! Don’t forget to sign up for your free email notification so you don’t miss the Kickstarter campaign and get your “Early Bird” discount by clicking here!

good but not great
Its better then putting your contact in hydrogen peroxide.

@texas50plus on eBay, 2017

The discrepancy between the review title and the 5 stars is confusing, but hey, I’ll take it.

Work s [sic] great
cleans contact s [sic] easily.

@cactusnrs on eBay, 2017

Lenssoclean [sic] machine
Product works great
On time with the shipping
5 out of 5 😉

@alvabonv on eBay, 2017

Less positive reviews

In the interest of fairness, there are also a couple people who weren’t fully satisfied. Keep in mind, though, that they’re using a 20+ year old product in these reviews. And we don’t know the condition of the device that they got from eBay since it isn’t brand new.

Good concept
Parts break easily.

@537magspc on eBay, 2016

Since there aren’t any moving parts in the Visonic Dome, the only thing I can imagine breaking down is the hinge for the contact lens basket. If it was stored in a garage or hot storage locker for decades, the plastic might have degraded over the decades and snapped.

Robust, look nice, not working….
It’s an american product, so look like so good, but DONT CLEAN LENSES, all the cheap chinian “shit” is more-more better….than this….I’m sorry

@zanlasz on eBay, 2017

Why do I get feeling that cheap chinian competitor could WRITE something more-more better… than this… “review” ? … I’m sorry

You can see all the reviews for yourself by clicking here.

“What fools these mortals be!”

By far, my favorite Visonic Dome review that I’ve found online is from the homie Wilco over on his blog.

In a post titled “LenSoClean broke!” he writes about how his ultrasonic contact lens cleaner kicked the bucket after 6 years of daily, dutiful cleaning.

it’s been pretty good to me, but the other day i put my contacts into the LenSoClean chamber and in the morning i found that my contacts were crispy. it turns out that the device broke and the auto-shutoff never shut off. the result? the solution in the chamber evaporated and my contacts got dry.

Wilco’s Blog

From the sound of it, I guess his automatic timer just malfunctioned.

Whatever the case, he was so happy with how Visonic Dome (LenSoClean) had cleaned his contact lenses before the malfunction that he got online and tracked down a replacement! Pretty cool.

It doesn’t seem like Wilco has updated his blog in a long time. I tried to contact him, but only got radio silence.

I wonder how long his second LenSoClean lasted?

You can read his full post as well as some more reviews in his comments section by clicking here.

More reviews still to come?

I hope that these reviews help you. I know that when I’m shopping online I like to see what other’s have experienced before I open my wallet.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my sister’s experience with her Visonic Dome since she started wearing contact lenses by clicking here.

And hopefully, after the Kickstarter campaign ends successfully and all 5,000 Visonic Domes are shipped out, there will be a whole bunch of new reviews online from more happy contact lens wearers, too!

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