Professional Product Photoshoot! – Update #006

visonic dome update 006
A handful of posts back, I mentioned that we'd get professional Visonic Dome pictures for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Well, friends, that moment has arrived.

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A handful of posts back, I mentioned that we’d get some professional Visonic Dome pictures for the upcoming Kickstarter* campaign.

With a real photographer.

And now, a professional hand-model!

Well, friends, that moment has arrived. The professional photos are done.
And they look pretty darn sweet, too.

Check out these Visonic Dome pictures as shot by my new friend Alexander:

visonic dome button
Visonic Dome with a real hand-model in a real studio as shot by a real photographer!
visonic dome contact lens cleaner
Check out that slick reflection! That’s the included basket for your contact lenses on the left.
Visonic Dome half off
The reflections really emphasize the geometric design details.
visonic dome professional photo
The Visonic Dome as seen from above.
visonic dome ultrasonic contact lens cleaner
Simply beautiful.

Now, I’m still proud of the Visonic Dome pictures I took with my old iPhone a couple of months ago. But these photos by Alexander are on another level.

My father designed such a beautiful product. The Visonic Dome really deserves these quality photos by the hands of an expert.

Speaking of hands, I’m still convinced that it’s just a matter of time before my hands take the world by storm.

More Visonic Dome Pictures on Instagram!

Be sure to follow @visonicdome on Instagram to see the rest of the photo shoot and a whole lot more!

I’m working on more content for that behind-the-scenes, so please give it a follow and let me know what’s good.

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