What’s With The Name? Update #002

visonic dome update number 2
Visonic Dome, quite obviously, is a portmanteau of Vision and sonic. Vision, because it cleans contact lenses. And sonic, because it uses ultrasonic vibrations to blast away the dirt and residue on said vision enhancers. Vision sonic. Visonic. Ah, yes. Totally logical once it's fully explained...

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So, what do you do for a living?

Last year

Two years ago,
(whah? huh? 2020?)
back when we were still able to meet other human beings face-to-face,
(the Before Times)
my most trusty icebreaker was always with me.

I carried this little white and yellow sphere around with me, just waiting for the inevitable question.

“So, what do you do for a living?”

visonic dome contact lens cleaner
What kind of name is Visonic Dome anyway?

Oh, buddy. Am I glad you asked!

In a flash, the ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is whipped out of my fanny pack and I dive headfirst into a well-practiced
elevator pitch.

“Do you or someone you know happen to wear contact lenses?

Have you ever put them on and felt an immediate, stinging pain when they’re dirty?

Well! Rub those weary eyes no longer, friend! Thanks to this baby (slaps hood of contact lens cleaner), you’ll have cleaner! Safer! More comfortable! Contact lenses! And healthier eyes, too!”

“Oh, cool,” they say. And they’re not wrong. “So what do you call it?”

Cough, cough. I clear my throat. I look them straight in the eye. And enunciate ever so clearly.

“It’s called the Visonic Dome.”

Immediately, inevitably, I see eyes crossing and lips puckering. The confusion is all over my buddy’s face.


Visonic Dome, quite obviously, is a portmanteau of Vision and Sonic.

visonic dome name
So simple it hurts!

Vision, because it cleans contact lenses.

And Sonic?

Well, dig this: it uses ultrasonic vibrations to blast away the dirt and residue on said vision enhancers.

Vision + sonic. Visonic!

Gosh, yes. Wow. Totally logical once it’s fully explained.

visonic dome original debut
The Visonic Dome name & design originally debuted in 1989.

History of the Visonic Dome name

As you might have guessed, there is a more personal, historic reason for the unusual name. ‘Visonic Dome’ is what my father called it when he debuted his original design back in 1989.

As you can see in the photo above, ‘Visonic Dome’ was the name he used in the grand debut of his ultrasonic cleaner. 31 years ago at Vision Expo East in New York City, he used the Visonic Dome name to pre-sell his first 5,000 products and kickstart his business.

‘Visonic Dome’ is the name that the device got FDA clearance with, too.

Funny thing, though…

It was never actually sold as the Visonic Dome.

Yeah, no kidding!

After the grand debut, pops went ahead and changed the name of the Visonic Dome. For almost 15 years, the Visonic Dome was sold all around the world as the LenSoClean.

Ja, such description. Much pronunciate. Ja, ja. Sehr gut.


The purpose and the benefit wrapped up in just 10 letters. Unironically beautiful. Objectively speaking, a better name. Nice one, dad.

Seeing how this upcoming Kickstarter campaign is very much a celebration of the 32-year anniversary of the Visonic Dome, it seemed only proper to go back to the OG name. Just this one time.

Say it with me, now:

V i

(sounds like high)

S o n i c

(sounds like… sonic)


(remember all caps when you spell the man’s name).

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